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Four Months Old


You are four months old today and it is breaking my heart how quickly the time is passing. You will be grown before I know it and I am trying so hard to hold on to every precious memory we’ve made so far. It’s nearly impossible though, because every time I look at you I want to always remember the exact way you look right at that moment.

You have changed so much in the last month that I don’t even know where to start. You have finally discovered your hands! And your mouth! And the hands! They can go in the mouth! It is not above you to slurp loudly on your thumb, but most of the time you are determined to win ‘How Many Fingers Can You Fit In Your Mouth?’ You clasp your hands in front of yourself, you shove them into your mouth (or nose or ears) about every 10 seconds, and you use them to reach for things—toys, your toes, your blanket, your bottle, your binky, Mommy’s hair, nose, lips, and ears. You sometimes miss your target and get a little frustrated, but for the most part, you are right on.

You have also learned to pick things up, rather it’s a toy that we have given to you, or something we have carelessly left lying around. You love to play with your keys, your giraffe head, and your little Buster Brown rattle. But the coolest toy you have yet to find is any one of your umpteen-hundred burp rags. You twirl them around in your chubby little hands and cram them into your mouth faithfully at three-second increments. Occasionally, one ends up on your head or over your face, and you squeal in delight at the newly-discovered game of ‘one-man peek-a-boo.’

What can I say…you still hate tummy-time. You still have not rolled over, which is really frustrating, only because I know you could if you’d just try. In fact, I took you to the doctor this morning, and they put you belly down on a table in front of a mirror, put your arms up underneath you so you were propping yourself up, and over you went. I knew you could do it! You used to fight Mommy and Daddy when we’d put you on your tummy, but anymore you just lay your head down and talk to yourself. If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em, I guess.

You hold your head up like a pro, and sit up like one too. (Kinda.) You like to be propped up in your boppy so you can see what’s going on around you. I had you propped up the other morning while I was getting ready for work, and when I walked into the living room, you were leaned over pulling on your shoes. You looked like you were about to do a nose dive, so I started towards you. I wasn’t nearly fast enough, as once you saw me, you tried to straighten out your body, lost your balance, and did a nose dive right into the fluffy cushion (thank goodness) of the couch. It kinda scared me because I didn’t know how you were gonna react, but you layed there, face buried in the couch, laughing as though it was the funniest thing that head ever happened to anyone. This brought tears to Mommy’s eyes. I am so lucky to have such a happy, good-natured baby. Don’t think I don’t know how lucky I am.

You discovered your loud voice almost two weeks ago, and have been using it proudly ever since. You were sitting in Mommy’s lap at Nana’s house, talking to your big cousin Audrey. She was eating some kind of colorful candy, swinging it in your face, taunting you because you couldn’t have any. This upset you a bit, and you began doing what I would consider cussing her out. You were amazed by the amount of noise coming out of your very own mouth, and you became very excited. You were rocking back and forth somewhat violently in my lap, really letting her have it. Mommy, Nana, and Audrey nearly laughed to tears.

I had to take you to the doctor for a sick-baby visit for the first time last week. You had a runny nose, your chest was congested, you were coughing a little, and you were running a fever. Otherwise, you would have never known you were sick as it didn’t affect your spirit at all. But I took you anyway, and to my surprise, you had an ear infection. So Dr. Stacy prescribed some antibiotics for you and planned to check you again at your well-baby visit that was already scheduled for today. Oh, and you’re all better now.

Mommy and Daddy bought you an Exersaucer for Christmas, and being the easily excited dorks that we are, we went ahead and gave it to you Sunday night. If we would have known the joy that this would bring into your life, we would’ve given it to you weeks ago. You absolutely love it! You were hesitant at first, because it is pretty flashy and makes quite a bit of noise, but once you were convinced it was safe, you went haywire. You rock back and forth, you grab on to all the toys, you squeal in delight, and you spin around and around, making sure nothing gets by you.

You have also discovered that you can stand up like all the big people around you. You love to have Mommy or Daddy hold on to your hands so you can sit up by yourself after you have your diaper changed, and while doing this one day, you sat up, straightened out your legs, and stood up on them, as though you had been doing it your whole life. So now we do it every time you have your diaper changed. And mommy always gets tired of holding on to you before you get tired of standing. It’s even becoming a challenge to burp you, because you insist on standing up rather than laying on Mommy’s chest like you used to do.

We finally had to break down and by you some big-girl bottles. You eat 6 ounces every 3-5 hours now. Every now and then, I take the bottle out of your mouth after you have drank it all, and it is simply not enough, and you cuss me out good. At least I’m sure you would if you could. Dr. Stacy said today that we can start giving you rice cereal, so that will be our adventure for the weekend.

It is amazing how quickly you are growing, little girl. You were weighed and measured at the doctor today, and you are tipping the scales at 14 lbs 12 oz. You are 25 ½ inches long, and your head is 16 ½ inches round. This puts you at about 91% overall. Dr. Stacy ooohed and ahhhed over you as any sane person should. She said she would be surprised if your beautiful blue-gray eyes turn to brown. She expects you to cut your first tooth sooner than later. Oh, and she told Mommy to keep putting you down for tummy-time several times a day, so please be nice to me next time I do. Then the mean ol’ nurse came in and slid daggers into your chubby little thighs. Of course you wailed, and Mommy had to fight back tears herself. But I rescued you as soon as I could and made everything all better. For about two seconds.

You have outgrown enough of your clothes to dress an entire orphanage. Mommy bought you some new footed pajamas about a month ago, and even though they are sized 3 months, your legs are way too long for them. So Mommy bought you some 6 months footed pajamas, and they fit much better. The legs are just long enough, and the sleeves are long enough that you can slide your hand back inside and chew the heck out of the fleecy material. You are spoiled rotten and you have many more clothes than Mommy could ever want for herself! Daddy gripes at Mommy sometimes for buying you clothes, but every time we go to a baby store together, he loads the buggy up, too.

Ahhh, Teagan. Your beauty. Your patience. Your smiles. Your voice. Your personality. Your stubbornness. Your joy. Your eyes. Every single ounce and inch of you I adore.

Love, Mommy