Monday, June 30

A Little Help, Please?

How in the hell do you keep a two-year old from taking off her diaper???

Tuesday, June 24

Sunday, June 15

Tuesday, June 10

Thursday, June 5

Teagan Thursday #1: Pretty in Purple

What??? I don't have a job. I'm getting bored...

Tuesday, June 3

Teagan Tuesday #12: The Booty

It appears we have a maniac on our hands. A kleptomaniac, that is. The 6 magnetic animals and the $20 stuffed Shamu she stole from the San Antonio Zoo and Sea World:

While we really and truly were out of the park and in the Sea World parking lot before we realized she had crammed the whale into her stroller, we probably had plenty of time and opportunity to return the 6 stuffed animals to the gift shop at the zoo. And had they not charged me $20 for four AA batteries, we probably would have. It's not justice, but it's pretty damn close.

Monday, June 2

Encouragement Needed

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