Thursday, June 18

Smelling the Roses

Dear Teagan,

Yes, Baby Girl, times are busy and many of our days are hectic. But Mommy still remembers to stop and smell the roses. When I showed up at Nana's to pick you up, you reacted to my arrival by running up to me, lifting my shirt, and greeting Logan with a "What you think, huh? What you think?" I had hoped from the beginning that you would be excited and enthusiastic about the pending arrival of your little sister, but you, my monkey, have exceeded my expectations. On the way home we passed a UPS truck and I stated how I wished that truck was heading to our house to deliver Logan's bedding we ordered a couple of weeks ago. You simply could not believe the words actually came out of my mouth. You melted into a puddle of despair crying, "But I want Nonan (Logan) to sleep in my bed with me!!!" You clearly had never considered the fact that Logan may sleep in her own bed. My promising to occassionally allow the two of you to sleep together did very little to heal your broken heart. Thank you, Sweetheart, for surpassing my dreams.



Sunday, June 7

Slipping & Sliding!

I had my first slip-and-slide adventure this weekend! I wasn't too sure about it at first but ended up prancing around in the water some!