Wednesday, February 14

Six Months Old

Teagan Monkey,

Happy Half Birthday, honey! I can’t believe it’s already time to write another letter. It seems like I just wrote the last one yesterday. You have grown and changed so much!
We had a big day yesterday to kick off the second half of your first year. First of all, we went to the doctor for your six-month checkup, and of course, those dreaded shots. You weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds and one ounce, which is 70%. You are an amazing 28 inches long, which is 100%. Your adorable little head is 42.5 cm, which is 50%. In other words, you’re perfect!!
After we went to the doctor, Grammy and Mommy and you went to Babies ‘R Us, my favorite store in the whole world! We bought you a big girl booster seat, the most adorable pair of tiny pink Crocs you have ever seen, and of course, a big ol’ stuffed giraffe. As if you need another one… We also bought a few things for Brynton Michael, your new friend who will be coming into the world real soon.
Last night, we strapped you into your brand spanking new booster seat, and broke it in properly. You ate your first ‘real meal’, turkey and rice. You seemed to like the stuff okay, but decided smearing it around on your tray was so much more fun than actually eating it.

After you played with your dinner, Mommy and Daddy decided it was time for the big girl to take a big girl bath. So we threw you (not literally) into the big tub with a few toys and watched you explore and fall in love with this new pastime. You played and splashed, and managed to capture your floating duck, frog, and turtle, and one by one, cram them into your adorable mouth.

Oh yeah—your tooth! Teagan’s got a toofie! You started cutting your first tooth (bottom front, of course) on Daddy’s birthday, January 25. It finally popped on through, and you have already started cutting the one right next to it! It is so adorable, and when you flash that big beautiful smile, it is completely visible, shining away!
You have managed to become even more beautiful than you were a month ago. Your big, apprehending eyes have yet to change from their dark blue hue. (Yay!) your hair has gotten a little lighter, but not much fuller! Obviously you have gained a little weight, but in all the right places! Your chubby lil’ thighs are even more edible. And the rolls on your wrists are equally enjoyable.
You have been rolling from back to tummy for quite some time now, and on January 27, you finally rolled from tummy to back. There’s no stopping you now! Every morning when I rescue you from your crib, I never know which corner you will be in, much less what position I will find you in. You have taken a new liking to playing on the floor and will spend hours on your blanket with your toys. You have also gotten so much better at sitting up. You have learned how to catch your balance when you are about to tip over, and even when you are a little too late and crash to the floor, it doesn’t dampen your spirit.

You finally started reaching out to people to pick you up a few weeks ago. It is a wonderful feeling when you stretch out your chubby little arms and grin than toothy smile at me. That is truly heartwarming, and I have yet to meet a single person who can resist your request.
You still love to stand up on anyone’s lap that will let you, but have a hard time staying still once you get there. You have a strong fondness for bouncing! You are sure to wear the poor person holding you out long before you tucker out yourself. Your ‘Bouncing Tigger’ has become a thing of the past, as now that you are so much better at bouncing than he is, he’s quite frankly a bore.
You love meal time! You like peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, garden veggies, applesauce, and bananas, but nothing can compete with those carrots. You are not a fan of squash, or peaches, although I think we’ll give the latter another try, as I think you were surprised by their taste more than you were offended. We bought your more ‘Stage 2’ food yesterday, so macaroni and cheese, ham and vegetables, chicken and noodles, vegetable beef dinner, and chicken and vegetables are on the menu.

You are very playful, and Mommy loves to play with you. You like peek-a-boo, and itsy-bitsy spider crawling up your leg, and who’s that baby in the mirror, and throw her up and catch her, and count her little ribs, and blow the lint out of her toes, and all the other fun games we’ve created over the last few weeks. You love any stuffed animal, but particularly your giraffes, your glow-worm, your crinkly book, your keys, your stacking rings that Nana just bought you, and your train that Grammy bought you for Christmas. You love all of your books, and already help Mommy turn the pages.
You are captivating, Teagan. You are happy and loving and ornery and demanding and appreciative and adorable and edible and scrumptious and you have given me more joy in the last 6 months than I would expect in a lifetime. Thank you, Teagan, for the joy and love you have brought into my life.
Love, Mom

Happy Valentine's Day!!

What could be sweeter?