Monday, May 14

Nine Months Old

Dear Teagan,

Happy ninth month, sweetheart! Once again, I can hardly believe it has been a whole month since I wrote your last letter. What’s more amazing is how much you have learned since then. Crawling is no longer a new activity. You are a pro now. You crawl all over the house; under, over, or around anything that gets in your way. You even crawl up and down the step that separates the living room and the den. There’s no stopping you now. You love to be chased by Mommy and Daddy, and have found that the only thing more fun than that is chasing Mommy and Daddy. When Daddy and I get down on all fours and scream as you chase us, it causes you to laugh so hard you can barely crawl. We obviously love this game and have hairless and skinless knees to prove it. You have also gotten very good at pulling up. You pull up on everything and have made a game of peek-a-boo out of it. You crawl over to the couch and pull up to surprise who or what ever is there to be amazed by you. Then you squat down, wait, and spring back up to thrill the person or thing playing along, flashing that toothy grin, of course. You also cruise along quite nicely now. You walk across the front of the couch, chair and entertainment center. You stand up at the pesky gate that separates you and Keiser and walk from one end to the other, determined to figure out which end allows for a better reach to the poor dog’s ears. You have even been splashed with a few waves of courage and let go of what you are holding on to. You stand there with that look of shock and smile proudly until your legs begin to quiver under the weight. You crash to the ground, and usually give yourself a small, humble round of applause. I am confident and afraid that the next letter I write you will be filled with my bragging about your outstanding abilities as a walker.
You continue to point out to me what a lousy housekeeper I am. I expect you to begin refusing your bottles any day now, as I don’t see how you can still be hungry after eating half the lawn that is dragged in on our shoes. I was absolutely horrified to walk into the kitchen a few mornings ago and find you playing happily with the remains of a dead june bug. My favorite thing is when I find you seriously studying an object on the floor, watch you patiently push it around with your finger and thumb, get the darn thing lined up just right so that you are able to pick it up, and just as your sweaty little hand makes it way towards your eager little mouth, I say your name and you jump and straighten your arm out swiftly to offer your treasure to me. You usually have a disgusted look on your face, as if to say I so was not going to put that in my mouth.
You have mastered the wave, and spend a large percentage of your day waving and chanting “bye-bye”. Sometimes you offer a graspy clinching wave and a very sincere “Bye Bye”. Other times you offer an open handed wave and a short and sweet “Bye!” I haven’t yet decided which one is my favorite. We are still working on the ‘hi’, as it still comes out as a squeaky, high-pitched scream. You have started saying Mama, but it is usually in the evening when you are about ready for bed, and it usually comes out as a very whiny “Maaamaaaa”. But, I’ll take it any way I can get it.
You have become so much more generous with your kisses, which I originally thought was impossible. You will kiss pretty much anything that stays still for more than two seconds. I can pull you into my lap and be showered with sometimes ten kisses. This is the best part of everyday. You still love to kiss the baby in the mirror, and have also moved on to any picture of any baby, including and especially one of yourself. You kiss on all of your toys, and yesterday I caught you sitting in the living room floor with your legs spread out in front of you and your GloWorm in between them. You were completely bent over kissing your glowing friend. You are a very loving and affectionate little girl. You have also begun giving hugs and will occasionally pat my back as I squeeze you tightly.
You have started eating some table foods and continue to like or tolerate nearly everything your lips have touched so far. You have accepted cottage cheese, ice cream, graham crackers, bananas, strawberries, French fries, pineapple, and rice Chex. You have finally started drinking juice again, but will only take apple juice if it includes banana or grape juice. You have a very strong fondness for strawberry banana juice. You have taken a little more interest in your sippy cups, but only for chewing purposes. You seem to get annoyed if any liquid comes out of it.
You went and saw Dr. Stacy for your nine-month checkup. You have grown to a whopping 19 lbs and 7 ounces, and a lean 29 inches long. You are an average weight, above average length, perfect little angel. And luckily, no shots this time! You’ll agree that doctor visits are much more fun when they leave the daggers out of the equation.
Teagan, I know I sound like a broken record by now, but as each month goes by, I am completely amazed by how much my love for you grows. I cannot imagine my life without you and don’t ever want to. You are my love, my life, my purpose.

Love, Mommy

Sunday, May 13