Sunday, January 27

Inventory Control

17 Jackets
18 Pairs of Jeans
21 Pairs of Shoes
22 Pairs of PJ's
26 Pairs of Pants

Three things now very apparent to me:
1.-You are spoiled.
2.-The need to have a son to carry on the namesake seems less and less 'economic' every day.
3.-We should have bought a bigger house.

P.S.-These are the clothes that currently fit you. This does not include the 12 or 13 medium sized totes in the attic full of clothes that you have outgrown nor the 5 or 6 dirty outfits in your hamper right now. Many of these clothes are being borrowed from your best friend Mariah P. Mommy does not spend thousands of dollars on clothes every month. Oh, and most importantly, Daddy never needs to see this list. Love you!

Monday, January 14

Seventeen Months Old

Mommy reeeeeally tried to get a good picture of us for your Seventeenth Month post. So much for trying...

I even recruited Daddy to help. That didn't make much difference...

Happy Seventeenth Month all the same Monkey.