Thursday, January 25

Monday, January 22

Just some pics...

Thursday, January 18

We Heart Toes!

I have loved her fat little toes since day one. She has only recently taken notice...

Obviously she is now equally infatuated...

She is in a constant battle with flexibility to cram them into her mouth...

Oh, and she tends to get a little frustrated when she just can't quite get them there...

Sunday, January 14

Five Months Old


You are five months old today and the reality of the passing time frightens me. The entire five months that you have been alive have flown by, but especially the last month. I guess, with the holidays and all, we have been exceptionally busy.
You have grown and learned so much in the last month. You started eating cereal and baby food. We started with the rice cereal, which you were completely uninterested in. You clamped your mouth shut, you arched your back and turned your head, you grabbed the spoon and swatted at your bowl. You were determined not to get a drop of that stuff in your mouth. And Mommy was determined to make you. I tried to feed you cereal twice a day, every day, for nearly two weeks. I mixed it with formula, I mixed it with apple juice, and I mixed it with pear juice. You simply were not digging it. So eventually I gave up on it, too, and we moved on to carrots. Boy, do you love carrots! The first time you had them you ate over half the tub. You have since given the cereal a second chance and realized you like it after all. You have devoured more than one helping of sweet potatoes, too.
You have really learned to use your hands very well in the last month. You reach for and grab nearly everything within a 2-foot radius of you at anytime. You love to pull hair and ears, rather they belong to Mommy, Daddy, a complete stranger, or an unsuspecting dog such as Keiser or Emma or Cinnamon. You play with the toys on your Exersaucer, grabbing them and bending them towards you until you can wrap your mouth around them. You have developed an early fondness of remote controls, too, and can scope them out from across the room.
You have rolled from your back to your belly 3 times. You have not rolled from your belly to your back yet, but I think it will be any day now. You are sitting up very well. Mommy laid you in your boppy and left the room one day, and found you sitting up on your own when I returned. You looked as though you had been doing it all along. You love to stand up and ‘jump’ too. You got a Bouncing Tigger for Christmas and love to watch it. You will watch it intently and motionlessly until it is done, then it is your turn to bounce and you really go to town. I’m pretty sure you are going to be quite competitive.
You have become a little more generous with your laughs. Most days Mommy can make you laugh when I lay you down to change your diaper. Some days nearly everything wiggles a giggle out of you. Other days, we are lucky to get one out of you, and even then you get a look on your face like you’re almost embarrassed that you let it slip out. Nothing in this world makes me happier than seeing and hearing you laugh.
You have become quite the little chatterbox, too. You talk to any and every person or thing that is willing to listen. Your favorite talking partner is the ceiling fan. You have loved it sense the first time you saw it and the fascination seems to grow with time. I’m not necessarily sure what the two of you talk about, but the fan seems to be quite amusing.
Teagan, I am struggling to write this letter. You have changed and grown and developed and learned so much in the last month that attempting to wrap my mind around it all overwhelms me. You are big and strong and hungry and happy and curious and absolutely 100% the love of my life. Here’s to another month, Monkey.

Love, Mom

Thursday, January 11

Just Plain Ornery!

Say she isn't...

Thursday, January 4

Miss You, Unc!

My brother, Casey, left New Year's Day to go back to Ohio. He lives and goes to school there. He left the first time less than a week after Teagan was born and was gone almost four months. I know it was hard for him to leave this time, too, and it was very hard for us to see him go. But, we promised we would send pictures and video clips, and we will. We hope to see him again in March. He's quite fond of his little neice and I would be lying if I said she wasn't quite fond of him too. We miss you, Brother, and hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, January 2

Happy New Year!


Saying goodbye to 2006 is a bitter-sweet event. It was the best year of my life. Your Daddy and I had such a busy year: we bought a new house, we both started new jobs, and of course, we welcomed you into the world. Seeing the year end is hard. However, knowing that we are starting a whole new year together, the three of us, is so exciting. I look forward to the new adventures and know that we will make many, many memories this year.

Love, Mom