Friday, August 14

Teagan Turns Three!

Good morning...I'm three!!!

Time to open presents!

Wow! Butterflies for bathtime fun!

Ooooh, and Candy Land to play EVERYday!

Pajamas with Dora AND Boots, which I specifically asked for!

See, don't they look nice?
Time for donuts!

What? There's any other way to eat them?

Time for Chuck E. Cheese!

But not without my bestfriend, Jayla!

Time to cut the rug!!!

Now everybody grab as many tickets as you can!

Jayla took her picture with Chuck E., but I'm not so sure. I smell a rat...

Time for more dancing!

Jayla loved riding the big horse!

And we both loved the Jett Rider!

Oh, let me take care of this real quick...

Party time! Don't I look cute?

Me and Jayla and Brynton, at least thinking about slip n' slidin.

Me and my new friend Hadlee.

Did someone say cake?

Please? Just one taste?

Thanks, Grammy!

Still love to be sang to!




Loving my new playhouse and my corn and tea!

Thank you everyone, for all the great gifts and for coming to my party! It's good to be three!