Tuesday, August 26

Sunday, August 24

The Big Party!

I started my party by blowing bubbles with all of my friends. Here I am with Jayla, Mariah P., Mariah E., Tyler, Daytin, and Big Cousin Bethany.

Blowing bubbles is my favorite and we all had so much fun!

After all of that hard playing it was time for cake and ice cream! See the cute cake Grammy made just for me!!!

Here's Daddy lighting the candles! I was sure to remind him that the fire is HOT!!!

I felt soooo special as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me!

Here's the other cake that Mommy had made. Everyone else had to share it!

After the cake and ice cream it was time for presents! Mommy and Cousin Bethany were there to keep me on track! I had sooo many presents!

I also had my friend Mariah E. to help me open them!

Oh, and my friend Tyler!

I got sooo many new books, which are my favorite!

Meanwhile, my friend Bryton was hiding under the table!

And see the new bubble mower Uncle Casey got me???

And the ESPN T-Ball that Grammy got me??? I just know Tyler and I will have so much fun with it!

After all my gifts were open it was time to play in the water! Jayla points out that my dress is wet!

Before long she decides I'm on to something!

And pretty soon my friend Brynton is all wet, too! Isn't he cute?!?

Once my dress is good and wet I decided I wasn't so happy about it. So I stripped down and put on a Spider Man Little Swimmer!

At the end of the day I was really tired and had some really wild hair!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out and played with me, bought me gifts and helped to make my Birthday sooo special! And thanks to everyone who helped Mommy and Daddy get everything together! I had a blast!!!

Friday, August 15

Two Years Old


It is completely and utterly impossible that you are 2. It is so absolutely heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time! It breaks my heart to know that you are longer Mommy’s baby, but it so gratifying to see you as the beautiful “big girl” that you have become. I started the second year of your life writing you letters every three months. You may one day notice that is has been six months since your last letter. Before you begin to think that I totally forgot, or just didn’t feel like it, I must explain to you just how many times I sat down to write your letter and struggled so badly to put ‘you’ into words that I simply gave up. I can barely look at you and listen to you without being overwhelmed, much less put it into writing. You are the most amazing and fantastic thing I have ever laid eyes on. But, I know I have to find a way to put these things on paper if I want to recapture the memories later, so here goes…

First of all, you finally got tubes in your ears. May 31st. You have not had a single ear infection or even a runny nose since. Hallelujah! My only regret is not doing it a year ago. You wear an “Ear Bandit” when you’re near water to keep it out of your ears and it tends to annoy you sometimes, but I think it’s pretty adorable!

You experienced your first Easter in which you actually got to participate in the fun. We got you up early and got you all dolled up for church with Aunt Betty and Uncle Tom. And while you were gone the Easter Bunny delivered Big, beautiful baskets for you and Cousin Audrey. Once you dug through your baskets and played with your new toys, we all went out to Mima and Grandpa’s for an egg hunt. You grasped the concept right away and impressed Mommy with your ability to seek out and gather the eggs.

You also experienced your first circus in April. You were initially terrified of the clowns but warmed up to them as the day progressed. You loved seeing the elephants and the bears and even experienced your first pony ride!

We went on our first family vacation in May! The three of us, along with cousin Audrey, took a week long trip to San Antonio. We went to the San Antonio Zoo, the River Walk and Children’s Museum and to Sea World. While I’m convinced you had fun, you had an ear infection while we were there and obviously didn’t feel well. But you were a trooper as always and the trip was quite enjoyable, for the most part. There was a moment in the car when you called out, “Here Mama,” and when I turned around to see what you were offering me, I was terrified to find your lap and car seat covered in your hair. You had pulled out most of your hair in the back. Mommy was heartbroken. But, when we got back home we had Mommy’s friend Rachelle even it up and now it looks very cute.

We have spent a lot of time outside this summer. You got a new swing set and Papa bought you a new slide and Grammy bought you a new tricycle, all of which you love! And of course you still love to blow bubbles and have recently taken up watering Mommy’s flowers. You have had a few wading pools and like to sit in very shallow water. We have taken you to the new splash park a number of times but you are more interested in walking the perimeter of the park than actually partaking in the splashing. Daddy has had a four-wheeler for the last few months and nothing excites you more than rides with Daddy. We have spent a few dog days at Grammy’s house riding the four-wheeler and you even had your first fishing trip!

Mommy took you in for your 2-year check up earlier this week. You are still “perfect” and weigh in at 26 1/1 lbs and are 36 ½ inches tall. This puts you at 43% for weight and 97% for height. You are fabulous in every way!

While Mommy has enjoyed the last six months more than any other time in her life, I recently went back to work. It was very, very hard on Mommy and occasionally you cry when I leave for work, but it was something I had to do. I will always cherish the months that we shared every day together. I miss you like crazy when I’m away from you. While I have obviously loved you since the day I met you, I am more in love with you today than I ever thought possible. I am fascinated by you and can’t wait to see what you’ll do next or what will come out of your mouth next. You captivate my heart at every opportunity. I adore every inch of you and look forward to another two years and many, many more.

Love, love, love,

Thursday, August 14

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweetheart!

Life is so busy as your big day approaches!!! The big party is Saturday, and I promise to post pictures and a quarterly (or semi-annual or annual) report soon! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 12

Teagan Tuesday #20: Happy Birthday from Mommy & Daddy

Daddy and I decided to give you a brand new bedroom for your 2nd birthday. Mommy managed to get the room painted one day without you barging in and seeing it. That evening, you and Daddy went to the city to pick up Uncle Casey. While you were gone Mommy put together your new bed and night stand, made your bed, hung your new curtains, hung your face-lifted letters, and finished up the room.
When you and Daddy and Uncle Casey got home, Mommy was sitting in your room with a camera.

You love your new room and are sure to show it to everybody that comes to the house. You are sleeping in your bed, usually all night long. You are so proud! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl.