Tuesday, December 30

Teagan Tuesday #36: Christmas at the Great-Grandparent's!

Big Cousin Bethany helped me open my presents!

She was almost as excited as I was!
I needed Grammy and Grandma Nana to help me open my lip gloss! ASAP!

Uh-oh! Look's like someone got Grandpa good!!! He certainly had it coming!

Crazy Cousin Bethany was my favorite present!

Tuesday, December 23

Teagan Tuesday #35: Teagan Meets Santa!

It was love at first sight!!!

Tuesday, December 16

Teagan Tuesday #34: Suds!!!!

While Mommy was in the shower this morning, I decided to entertain myself by emptying an entire bottle of shampoo onto the bathroom rug. Boy was Mommy mad! She thought it was an easy fix by throwing the rug into the washer. Hee-hee. Daddy ran into the bathroom after hearing the washer making an awful noise. He noticed suds coming out of the overflow hose on the back of the washer. He grabbed a hold of the washer to scoot it forward and throw a towel behind it, when the door flew open and suds poured out!

Saturday, December 6

Teagan Tuesday #33: Happy Birthday, Jayla!

Jayla blowing out her candles...

And enjoying her cupcake!

Teagan likes it, too!
Teagan and Jayla are best buddies!

Tuesday, December 2

Teagan Tuesday #32: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

There was much more eating than picture taking going on, but here is a couple: