Wednesday, July 23

Oooh That Smell

So, I'm laying on the bed talking to Damon when in walks Teagan, naked as a jaybird. She is jabbering away as she grabs my hands and says, "Come on, Mama." She mumbles something as Damon asks, "Where are your clothes?" but the only word I hear from her is "poop".

I ask her to repeat herself and again, all I understand is "poop". So I ask her, "Did you poop?" She smiles and nods. "Where?!?" I ask her. She points at her booty. I say, "No...where did you poop?" She smiles, takes me by the hand and leads me to the living room.

Motherhood is so glamorous.

Tuesday, July 22

Tuesday, July 15

Tuesday, July 8

Teagan Tuesday #16: Fun at the Park

(PS: Please don't pay attention to the outfit. I planned on changing her shorts before we left, but my phone rang and I got side tracked, and Damon loaded her up before I realized she had not been changed.)

Friday, July 4

Happy Fourth!

Tuesday, July 1