Saturday, April 14

Eight Months Old


Go, go, go, go, go!! That seems to be your new philosophy. You are crawling now, and now all you do is crawl. Every where, all the time. And you have gotten very good at it in the last couple of weeks. The other day I was sitting on the couch watching you play on the floor. I realized I had left the bathroom light on, and went to turn it off. By the time I got there, turned it off, and turned around to go back into the living room, there you were, right under my feet. You have become Mommy’s little shadow. No matter where I am in the house, there you are my feet, tugging on my pants.
Just in the last couple of days you have started straightening out your legs while in a crawling stance so that your hands are on the floor and your little bottom is up in the air. You also get on your knees from a crawling stance and have tried a few times to pull yourself up. You usually use your toy box for support, which doesn’t work too well, and usually results in a baby buried by toys. But it doesn’t discourage you one bit. Mommy, on the other hand, is terrified, as these are two signs that walking is not too far away.
You have become so much more active in the last month. (Because you can crawl, duh.) Your favorite things to do include pulling the DVDs off the shelf, pushing the DVD player back on the shelf, crawling to the front door and slapping excitedly at the glass, crawling into the kitchen and smacking the floor and searching for crumbs, and crawling into the bathroom and smacking the floor and searching for stray hairs. Since you have started crawling, two things are very apparent to me. One, my life as I knew it is now over; and, two, I’m not as good of a housekeeper as I once thought I was. You make the latter one very clear every time you find a treasure on the floor and attempt to cram it into your mouth.
You have also learned a few new games this month. First, Grandpa taught you how to play peek-a-boo. All you need is a blanket and a willing participant. You pull the blanket up over your head, wait a few seconds, and jerk it down to scare the lucky person watching. You love this game almost as much as I do. The most adorable part is that you really do wait a few seconds, and the longer the games go on, the longer you wait to reveal yourself, increasing the suspense every step of the way. The other game you learned to play is patty cake. First you did the roll it up part, twirling your chubby little hands around as if you were putting on lotion. And then you learned the patty cake part, clapping your hands together very sternly and seriously. Getting you to do both in one sitting takes a great deal of persistence.
You are only seconds from waving bye-bye. You watch me intently when I wave goodbye to you, and your hand starts making the motions until it catches your eye. Then you make a tight fist and stare at your hand as though you have no control over it. You are also on your way to blowing kisses. You have the kiss-the-hand part down, but your hand generally stays on your mouth until you lose interest or forget what you were trying to do in the first place.
Above all this month, you have become so much fun. You are starting to understand a lot of words. When I ask you to find Daddy, you look right at him. When Daddy asks you to find Mommy, you look right at me. You will spend hours playing on the floor if someone is down there with you. You like to roll around in your crib, on the floor, on your toys, your shoes, your bottles, Mommy and Daddy’s feet, Mommy and Daddy.
You love to give kisses. You kiss Mommy, Daddy, Joey, Elmo, Audrey, Brock, Nana, Mima, Aunt Nikke, Grandpa, and of course, that adorable baby in the mirror. I held the phone up to your ear the other day so Grammy could say hi to you and you gave the phone kisses. You are very affectionate and I love the kisses—even though they come with a side of slobber and usually land on my nose, chin, cheek, or eye. (Oh yeah, and you have bitten my lip a couple of times. This hurts, daughter.)
You still love to eat!! You love carrots and chicken noodle dinner and bananas and yogurt and pretty much everything else that has entered your mouth. You are a very strong, happy, healthy baby.
You still cry “Aaaay!” when Mommy claps her hands and yells “Yaay, Teagan!” You do a lot of rambling including “Dadadadadada” and “Mamamamama”. You often try to repeat me when I say “Hi!” but it usually comes out as a high pitched little scream. We still echo each other and my favorite new addition is “Huh?” Occasionally, you get a dead serious look on your face, lean towards me in complete mystery, and whisper your blabbers. I’m convinced you are really trying to share a secret with me.
You are to the point where I could go on and on and on talking about you and never come close to mentioning everything about you or describing how amazing you are in every single way. You astound me. Your happiness, your patience, your curiosity, your mischievousness, your attitude, your personality, your cellulite. Some days it is just way too much to comprehend.

Love, Mom

Sunday, April 8