Wednesday, June 20

Fun In The Sun!

Me, Mommy and Daddy took our first trip to the lake a couple of weekends ago. I had so much fun!

See my cute little swimming pool?

Did you know sunblock makes great hair gel?? Check out the 'hawk!

Sunday, June 17

Thursday, June 14

Ten Months Old!

Teagan Camille,

I am struggling to write your letter this month, so I decided to write a list instead.

Fifty things about you:
1) You love to dance.
2) You love to sing.
3) You often do both at the same time.
4) You often do both at the same time while naked.
5) You love bath time.
6) You love when bath time is over and Mommy pulls the plug on the drain which creates the totally cool ‘water tornado’ which you are so determined to grab with your forefinger and thumb.
7) You still think you are so funny when you squat down in front of the couch and spring up to scare Mommy and Daddy.
8) You love telephones or anything that resembles a telephone.
9) You love to give kisses.
10) You love to eat.
11) You still do that adorable panting thing you do so well.
12) Sometimes you wrinkle up your nose when you do that adorable panting thing you do so well.
13) You always follow me to the front door when I go outside.
14) You stand up at the door and slap the glass until I come back.
15) When I turn the doorknob you sit down and wait for me to come in.
16) You get very, very cranky very, very quickly when you are ready for bed.
17) You throw a ball like a 3-year old.
18) You say baby.
19) You say bye-bye.
20) You say Bubba.
21) You say puppy.
22) You say Mama.
23) You occasionally say Dada.
24) You are determined to make your way into the refrigerator.
25) You have already made your way into the dishwasher.
26) You love to see yourself—whether in a mirror or in a picture.
27) You love to eat avocado with Mommy.
28) You finally use your sippy cup.
29) You are extremely ticklish.
30) You get so excited when Daddy holds Mommy down so you can tickle her back.
31) You don’t know how to tickle yet, so you make-do by repeatedly slapping Mommy in the face.
32) You are very proud of yourself and applaud your accomplishments several times a day.
33) You are so, so happy.
34) You have your Daddy’s eyelashes.
35) You love to eat cottage cheese with Daddy.
36) You get so excited when you see Mommy or Daddy first thing in the morning.
37) You have six teeth.
38) You still have very little hair.
39) You love to watch TV but insist on standing no more than 6 inches away from the screen.
40) Nothing grabs and holds your attention like the voice of Bruce Buffer.
41) You have to touch hair to go to sleep.
42) If you can’t have head hair, you will use eyelashes.
43) You grunt proudly when you poop.
44) You have a fake cough.
45) You have a fake laugh.
46) Sometimes you do your fake cough and then when Mommy looks concerned you wow her with your fake laugh.
47) You have been trying to snap your fingers since you were four months old.
48) You sometimes cry when Mommy takes you to daycare in the morning.
49) You always laugh when Mommy picks you up from daycare.
50) Your smile makes every day wonderful.

Wednesday, June 13

I Scream

My big cousin Bethany gave me my first bite of ice cream a couple of weeks ago. She pretty much had to fight me off after that.

That's pretty much the best thing ever invented!

Tuesday, June 12

Hey, Unc! Pick Up!

Hello? Can you hear me now? Hello? Holla back, Unc!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Minus the tigers and bears, that is. We had our first trip to the zoo!! See...